RLS LLC designed, engineered, patented and developed the first press-to-connect fittings for the HVAC and refrigeration industries. After years of research and development, we introduced our fittings to the market in 2015 under an exclusive agreement with Parker-Hannifin Corporation’s Sporlan division.

Parker Sporlan sold our fittings under their ZoomLock® brand starting in January of 2015. Over the years, as adoption of our exclusive press technology grew, we continued to expand our product line, regularly introducing new items and new sizes to meet customer needs. Within 5 years, RLS fittings were in widespread use across the United States and around the world.

In December of 2019, our exclusive private-label agreement with Parker Sporlan ended and was not renewed. As a result, we began selling our patented fittings to the wholesale/distribution market under our own RLS brand name, while also continuing to supply Parker Sporlan.

In August of 2020, for several reasons, RLS made the decision to no longer supply fittings for the ZoomLock® brand (read our announcement here). We also stepped up our efforts to expand our own distribution, to assure that contractors would continue to have access to the same exact fittings they already know and trust, using the exact same tools and jaws.

Today, with more than 15 million RLS fittings installed worldwide and more than 7 years of successful field use, RLS is the only line of press-to-connect fittings proven to stand the test of time in high-pressure HVAC/R applications.

RLS LLC is part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon is a global industrial organization comprising 11 groups and more than 100 autonomous businesses with total annual revenue of $10 billion.

ZoomLock® is a registered trademark of Parker Intangibles LLC, which is a subsidiary of Parker-Hannifin Corporation. RLS’s use of the trademark herein does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Parker-Hannifin Corporation.