Celebrating Military Appreciation Month with a Gift of RLS

Once we were introduced to US Army veteran Spence Sennhenn, we knew we wanted to help him in any way we could. His story of hard work in the HVAC industry, service to our country and never-say-die attitude inspired us to get involved…and to share a little of his story.

After readjusting to civilian life after his service, Spence started working in the HVAC industry. After 10 years, he found himself unemployed due to a layoff that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. As he told us, he was lucky enough to have friends and family reach out to him for HVAC installation and repair work. That was when, despite the uncertainties, he decided to start his own company, Latitude.43 HVAC & Energy Solutions.

Spence later reached out to us at RLS to see if we offered discounts on our tool and jaw sets to veterans, telling us how much our technology could help him grow his new business. As we heard more of his story – like his selfless work supporting other veterans by donating his time at local veteran homeless shelters – it was an easy decision to provide Spence with a gift of an RLS tool and jaw set (as well as some RLS swag, of course) in honor of Military Appreciation Month in May.

Spence was thrilled. “This tool set is a game changer for us at Latitude.43 HVAC. It will immediately allow us to complete our work safer, quicker, and with more consistency,” he said. “I really can’t thank RLS enough for this sincere act of support and gratitude for a Veteran entrepreneur in the HVAC industry.”

And we can’t thank you enough, Spence, for everything you’ve done! It was an honor to help a US Army veteran and fellow HVAC/R professional grow his business.

Learn more about Latitude.43 at latitude43hvac.com.