Meet our AHR pressing competition winners

We hosted our first pressing competition at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta in February. It was a fun and exciting event, with teams of three competing to be the fastest at forming the letters “RLS” out of copper tube and RLS press fittings.

A total of six teams competed, three on Monday and three on Tuesday. We named the six team captains, who were then able to choose any two additional competitors to complete their teams. The two winning teams that completed the project the fastest are listed below. We’ve included their Instagram handles so you can check out their work.

Team 1 (Monday): Jeff DeMassari (@jeffjdemhvac), Michael Flynn (@flynnstone1) and Ben Thomson (@hvac_strong)

Team 2 (Tuesday): Jamie Christensen (@northwest_hvac), Justin Angelo (@truebluemechanical) and Michael Flynn (yes, he was on both winning teams!)

A big shout out and thank you to all of our six team captains, and to our referee, Robert Villagomez (@p.e.hvac):

Jeff DeMassari – @jeffjdemhvac
Jamie Christensen – @northwest_hvac
Shav Jumaev – @hvaclyfe101
Gabriel Gonzalez – @Hvac_sg
Pat Finley – @commercial_kitchen_chronicles
Lance Robinson – @solderweldhvac