Compatible Refrigerant List

A1513A513B718Ethylene Glycol22*

RLS press fittings and seals are compatible with the above refrigerants. Refrigerant compliance varies by region and/or jurisdiction, so consult your local codes and standards to ensure RLS press fittings are compliant with your fluid.
*Special order item. Chlorinated fluid requires a Neoprene seal (o-ring) in place of HNBR. Minimal product offering available.
RLS fittings are also compatible with the following industrial (non-refrigerant) gasses: nitrogen, argon, helium and oxygen (non-medical).
Infographic illustrating the transition to flammable refrigerants in the HVAC/R industry, featuring RLS's flame-free press technology, compliance standards, transparency initiatives, and FAQ addressing common concerns. Includes sections on understanding the shift, leading solutions, compliance standards, transparency, FAQ, and ongoing initiatives for a sustainable future.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety: RLS Press Fittings and Flammable Refrigerants

RLS rigorously adheres to the UL 207 standard, ensuring press fittings meet safety and performance benchmarks for flammable refrigerants like A2L and A3 fluids. This standard has been recently updated to include additional testing requirements for ACR press fittings.

RLS ensures its press fittings meet crucial safety and performance benchmarks for flammable refrigerants by rigorously adhering to testing protocols. RLS press fitting components are compatible with flammable fluids, but certification for flammable use is expected by early 2024.

*When using A2L, A2, and A3 refrigerants, consider specific standards and local regulations that may apply.